Knowledge Ontario is a province wide initiative to provide Ontario residents with a number of online resources. One of its components is named Resource Ontario, which provides access to electronic resources including online and digital databases, newspapers, magazines and books. Currently, we have access to two vendors - EBSCO and Thomson Gale.

Student may access these resources at any AMDSB school. In order to access these resources from a home Internet connection, a password can be obtained from AMDSB school staff.

Thomson Gale
Other Great Sites
The Canadian Encyclopedia
The Canadian Encyclopedia - Canadian history
DK Encyclopedia - for research and to download free images
Encyclopedia Universalis - French language general encyclopedia
See your teacher for the login and password.
Grolier Online is another excellent resource. Your user name and password can be obtained from your teacher .
Merriam-Webster - searchable dictionary and thesaurus
The World Factbook - information on countries
Clip Art Resources - for educational use by students
Pics for Learning - copyright-friendly images for education
Images Canada - educational use , the source must be cited
School Discovery Clipart
  last updated February 5, 2014